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Wildflowers of Richmond

Welcome to "Wildflowers In Richmond", devoted to the appreciation, history, and beauty of the wild flowering plants found within the boundaries of the City of Richmond, Virginia. The plants displayed within these pages can be found in Richmond's natural areas, parklands, backyards, and wasteplaces.

How Urbane
Richmond from the James River

The photos above show views of Richmond's skyline from James River Park, an urban oasis, and a haven for many of the city's more exotic flora.

Click on the flower for close ups

Hear those bluebells ringing

Virginia Bluebells

troutlilies at play...


birdfoot violet being shy

Birdfoot Violet

Pinxters are our friends...

Pinxter Flower

Where to find wildflowers in Rainbow City

Stay tuned for more exciting information...

red root, corn root, bloodroot, coon root...


talk about bashful...




Purple Dead Nettle

Purple Dead Nettle